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Wornstar Denim Jackets & Vests

On Sale Now $52.99 - was $74

Songbook Sale 25% Off!!!

  We are slashing the prices on all of our Artist/Band Songbooks! Act Fast before theyre gone at this reduced price!!! *Led Zeppelin * Pink Floyd * Jimi Hendrix * RUSH * Black Sabbath * Yngwie Malmsteen * AND MUCH MUCH MORE!!!!

Our friend Mark L. Bennett

Offbeat & Lake Zurich lost a great, great friend on May 1st 2015. Long-time lakeside resident and local guitar builder Mark Bennett passed away way too soon. Mark was extremely into music and collected anything related to his passion. Probably the most animated, smart, funny, and witty person ever to walk through our door. Recently his esta...

Our creative customers ROCK!!!!

Unbelievable!!!! Our good customer Jason came in last week and needed a cheap clear 22" bass drum head... we sold him one for $5, yep only 5 bucks (lets see the big stores do that) Anyway.... Jason converted a drum set into a terrarium for his pet turtle! This turtle now has the coolest 5 bedroom apartment in town! He can actually travel from dr...

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