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Our friend Mark L. Bennett

Offbeat & Lake Zurich lost a great, great friend on May 1st 2015. Long-time lakeside resident and local guitar builder Mark Bennett passed away way too soon. Mark was extremely into music and collected anything related to his passion. Probably the most animated, smart, funny, and witty person ever to walk through our door.

Recently his estate offered us to bid on all the music-related items in his home... we did, and we won the auction. This past month we have been organizing and inventorying all his musical instruments, guitar parts, electronics, CD's, DVD's, Vintage Music Songbooks and much, much more. We hope anyone who knew him will see this post; you are all welcome to come in to see his vast homemade guitar collection.

We will forever miss Mark. His amazing, unique style and way with words will be remembered always.

September 6th 1956 - May 1st 2015

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